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Eliminate mailing forms for signatures or signing in your shop. Collect eSignatures with our DocuSign feature.



Barcodes can be printed on forms to help streamline data entry at the ATF.


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Our NFA experts have submitted thousands of forms. We know the NFA forms inside and out.


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Take control of your forms and save thousands compared to other ATF form processors.


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New features are launched regularly and we welcome dealer feedback and input for improvements.


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Create Form 4s and Form 1s in seconds with our simple steps.
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Initial Setup: Input Your FFL

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1: Enter A Customer

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2: Create a Form

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3: Send for eSignature

Initial Setup: Store Your FFL/SOT Information

As the tranferor, you can save all of your FFL details in your account, including your license number, SOT, address, and contact information. For the tax payment, you can select your default payment method. If you pay via credit card, you can store all of your billing details in your account. You only need to enter all of this information once and it will populate on any ATF forms you create.

1: Enter a Customer and Attach Responsible Persons

Create a profile for your customer by entering their name, address, email address, and phone number. If the customer is transferring into a trust or legal entity, you can upload a copy of their trust or corporation documents to their profile and it will automatically attach to any forms you create for easy printing. You can also upload a photograph of the customer and select if you have a fingerprint card on file yet. If there are additional responsible persons for a trust or legal entity transfer, you can attach them to your customer's profile and also enter their contact information, upload a photograph, and select if you have a fingerprint card on file.

2: Create a Form 4 or Form 1

Once a profile has been created for your customer, you can easily create a Form 4 or Form 1 using our easy drop down menus. We created a NFA Tools pre-defined list of manufacturers and models to select from, or you can create your own dealer-defined list of manufacturers and models if the item you are transferring is not yet in the NFA Tools list. Once you select the manufacturer and model, you simply input the serial number to generate the form. You can also include an internal ID, such as an order or receipt number, for tracking purposes.

3: Send for Electronic Signature via DocuSign

Use the DocuSign feature to collect electronic signatures via email from your customers and any responsible persons, as well as for yourself as the transferor. By sending forms for electronic signatures, you reduce customer wait time in your shop, eliminate the mailing of forms back and forth, and prevent multiple trips to your shop for customers and any responsible persons to sign forms. With DocuSign, forms are sent to all parties via email and are returned to NFA Tools for easy downloading once all parties have signed.

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